Fortifire Solutions Ltd

What we do

We are a dedicated specialist for the installation of Passive Fire Protection. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in providing the highest quality solutions for any of your passive fire protection needs. Then the boxes under that.

Intumescent painting of Structural steel​

We offer efficient, safe, cost effective and practical solutions for the protection of all internal, semi and fully exposed building steel structures against fire.

Fire Stopping

We offer a high standard of Fire Stopping, we pride ourselves, on a complete service and are able to offer quality assurance and compliance.

Fire Curtains & Cavity Barriers

We offer Fire Curtains & Cavity Barriers, both vertical and horizonal to stop the spread of fire or smoke.

Board Encasements of Structural Steel

We offer advanced fire protection boards and other performance boards that have been developed to provide extra levels of protection to life and property, in a range of demanding building applications.

Intumescent Mastic Pointing

We offer Intumescent fire-retardant acrylic and acoustic sealing.

Independent Surveys

We offer Independent surveys, Quality Assurance Inspections, O & M (including Bolster) Reports